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Windows dedicated servers solutions

Dedicated server using Windows 2012 standard or Windows 8 & 10 under OEM license

Windows dedicated server using OEM license based on server hardware are now available

Do you need a server running Windows operating system based on a dedicated IP and available from anywhere in the World ?
This is now possible with our Windows dedicated server running windows 8 & 10 or Windows 2012 Standard license.

Administrate your important data using MS SQL or SQL lite in a very easy way

MS SQL server under microsoft license or SQL lite free of charge is the most easy way to administrate your database

Easy operating system administration

With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to your server running Windows from another computer running Windows and administrate the remote server like you where working on it at home

Every hosting packages can be adapted for your needs

Do you need more performances ? do you need more disk space ? no problem all our solutions could be adapted and upgraded anytimes to meet your requirements

Work quickly and develop your business in the best condition

Take advantage from our experience and high level hardware and servers to develop your business in the best conditions

Live Chat 24x7 Hosting Support

For any kind of assistance related to Web hosting.

Security & 99% Server Up Time

15 years of experience 100% anonymous & secure

Host Applications Without Any Risk

For any kind of assistance related to Web hosting.

Dedicated server details to Know

Every client is special for us, and with us you will never be treat like another number in the list !!!

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Dedicated windows server
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